The 21st International Congress of Zoology (ICZ)



The 21st International Congress of Zoology (ICZ)


After the Athens, Beijing and Paris meetings of the ICZ you are kindly invited to the coming meeting that will be held at Mount Carmel Campus  of the University of Haifa , between 2-7/9/2012. The campus is situated at the edge of the Carmel National Park and has all facilities, including student dormitories, for accommodating international congresses as the ICZ. Haifa is located on Mount Carmel and enjoys a magnificent view that combines sea and forests. The city is one of the main ports of Israel. It is a modern city connected with highways and a railway to the Ben Gurion International airport located about 100 Km away. Communities of different faiths, such as Jews, Christians, Moslems, Druze and Bahais coexist in Haifa, giving a special atmosphere to the city. The city offers hotels of various classes with a good transportation connection to the university campus.
The congress will include plenary lectures, symposia (oral and poster presentations) and general presentations that will be fitted into selected topics, as will be detailed in the second announcement. Ideas for symposia or workshops are welcome together with willingness to organize them. In addition we are planning social events and a half-day tour to historical sites close to Haifa. A special program will be offered to accompanying persons.  
Israel as a part of the Levant, a cross bridge between several biogeographical regions, is a paradise for zoologists due to its biodiversity relative to its small area. The rich history of the country and archeological sites going back thousands of years, as well as the interesting prehistorical sites, some of them on Mount Carmel, will be exposed in pre-conference and post-conference tours.
To receive the second announcement, please send by mail the following information:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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