The 21st International Congress of Zoology (ICZ)


List of Symposia

  1. The Future of Animal Evolution under the Human Aegis (Jerusalem)
  2. The Endocrine Basis of Social Behavioural Patterns
  3. Ecological Physiology
  4. Molecular Ecology
  5. Human-Wildlife Conflict
  6. Animals response to the human change of habitat and management
  7. Daily Rhythms and Seasonality
  8. Life History Physiology and Behaviour
  9. Ecology and Behaviour of Mammals
  10. The Future of Zoology training in higher education
  11. Changes of diversity and structure in rodent communities as a result of urbanization, agriculture and invasions
  12. Inter-kingdom Interactions
  13. Levels of Selection and Evolutionary Zoology
  14. How Marine Animals Respond to Human Activities I
  15. Light Pollution and its Ecophysiological Consequences
  16. Is the eastern Mediterranean becoming tropic?
  17. Do adaptations to adverse environments have a limit?
  18. How Marine Animals Respond to Human Activities II

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