The 21st International Congress of Zoology (ICZ)



* There is no Public Transportation from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon (because of the 'Shabbat' - the Jewish day of rest). During the Shabbat the only available mean of transportation is a Taxi.

** For the Jerusalem Panel (Sunday, September the 2nd) there will be an organized bus leaving from Haifa. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for signing up.

Train + Bus/Taxi (Recommended)

From 'Ben Gurion Airport' station to 'Haifa Hof Hakarmel' station (24Hr) :
Frequency: 30 minutes during the day. 1 hour during the night.
Price: 40 NIS
Arrival time: 75 minutes
·  There are 2 more train stations in Haifa: 'Haifa Bat Gallim' and 'Haifa Center HaShmona'.
For more details, visit Israel Railways Website

From Haifa Hof HaKarmel train station to University of Haifa.
Price: 30-50 NIS
Arrival time: 25 minutes
Next to Haifa Hof HaKarmel train station, there is a central bus station.
Bus No. : 46 or 146
Platform No. : 16
Price: 6.6 NIS
Arrival time: 26 minutes
For more details, visit "Egged" (The bus company) Website

Collective (Service) Taxi
A collective Taxi from Ben Gurion Airport to University of Haifa will cost between 85-100 NIS – 'Amal Taxi' : +972-4-8662324 (Inside Israel: 04-8662324). Please note that this Taxi will take you to the hotel of your destination.
Private Taxi
A private Taxi from Ben Gurion Airport to University of Haifa is fast and comfortable but very expensive: about 600 NIS.

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